Passive Income for Everyone

With Abacus anyone can deploy a masternode at a push of a button. Use the Abacus platform to earn passive income without any technical background.

Push button Abacus coin masternode setup

Deploy an abacus masternode without needing a technical background.

Push button masternode setup for other blockchains

Host other masternodes on the Abacus platform.

Shared MasterNodes

If you don’t have enough crypto for your own masternode but, want passive income.

MasterNode and Staking Rewards Are Split 50/50

Giving Back to MasterNode Communities That Support Us

5% of profit gained through MasterNode hosting is put into a development fund for each coin

The More Nodes Hosted on Abacus the More Your Community Fund Grows

Abacus provides metrics for how much we give back.

The private keys for each fund are held by their communities developers.

Host Your Masternode with Abacus and Get ABA Airdrops

Abacus Coin Overview

what you need to know about ABA.

Ticker - ABA
Algorithm - Quark
Block time - 120 seconds
Block reward - 10 ABA
(decreases by 50% every year)
Total supply - 10 M ABA
MasterNode - 50% reward
MN required Coins - 1,000
Premine - 5%

Get Your MasterNode for 1000 ABA

Download Your ABA Wallet